About National Ferret Day

National Ferret Day is not about one specific club, charity or organisation however it is completely about one animal - the domesticated ferret.

An animal that in the past has received bad exposure as a smelly animal that bites however we know this not to be the truth.

The 5th May gives an opportunity to dispel this myth and show the ferret to be both the traditional hard worker that it continues to be and also the excellent companion animal that it has become in more recent years.

Ferrets are clearly an animal which have received media interest in recent times but the aim of National Ferret Day is to ensure issues such as welfare, care, nutrition and ownership are all highlighted in a positive light and educate the public to respect the animal that we care so much about.

What can National Ferret Day do?

It can do a number of things.

  • Firstly it gives a point of focus within the animal welfare calendar that allows all interested parties to concentrate on the aspects of care which are important to the ferret. It gives an opportunity to ensure the ferret receives the recognition it deserves.
  • Secondly it allows all the hard-working people around the UK who strive to educate the public and make sure ferrets are cared for in an appropriate way to have the chance to tell the public about the work that they do and raise the profile of their projects or the ongoing work that they undertake on a daily basis.

Our goal

The Ferret Education & Research Trust; as the founding charity behind National Ferret Day in the UK, it is our aim to educate the public about the domesticated ferret, to ensure it is respected as a working animals as well as a companion animal (we see no difference, you care for one the same as the other) and also to work with other organisation who have the same goal.

FERT is the first dedicated national registered charity within England and Wales which aims to promote the care and welfare of the domesticated ferret. It has strong ties with various other ferret organisations and welfares; international & overseas, national and also those operating in a local capacity.

It was our group intention to establish a charitable cause that would be able to support the fundraising of other ferret welfares around the UK and also to offer a means to educate and inform the public regarding the plight of this hard working and much maligned animal.

To learn more about the projects of FERT and its structure, please click here

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